Brett's Computers offers a wide variety of technology based services.  One of the great things about us is that we come to you! You never have to leave your home and get stuck with disassembling your computer.  We are usually able to come on the same day you call and are always ON TIME!  We urge you to check out other computer repair websites to see just how much you can save by using Brett's Computers. Also, if we need to take your computer from you to perform the repair, we can provide a free loaner computer so you are not stuck without a computer. Just let us know if you need a loaner and we would be happy to leave one with you.

For On-Site service, we charge a very low rate of $40 per hour for residential customers. Compared to our competitors, it is almost absurd how low our prices are! If you want to bring your computer to us, or if we need to take it back to our office for any reason, we charge flat rates for the various services listed below.

Click here to compare our prices to the big name computer repair places.  You'll be amazed at how much money you can save by using Brett's Computers for your computer repairs.

Virus/Spyware Removal-
Is your computer slow?  Do you have pop-ups?  If you are getting error messages, especially with links to websites that claim they can repair your computer, then you probably have a virus and/or spyware infecting your computer.  We are experts in removing viruses and getting your computer back to full speed.  We come with a bundle of software that removes the virus/spyware for good.  The best thing is, we leave the software on your computer and teach you how to use it to make sure that your computer doesn't become infected again. 
Flat Rate: $75 

Hard Drive Reformat (Including data backup): Sometimes when your computer is infected with a virus or spyware, it corrupts your operating system and files so much that even removing the virus doesn't fix the computer.  The longer the virus stays in your computer without being removed, the more damage it does to your computer.  Sometimes the only thing to do to get your computer back to "new" condition is to reformat the hard drive.  This involves backing up all documents, music, pictures, etc. and then deleting everything on the hard drive.  We then need to reinstall the operating system, all applications, and of course, all of your files so you get your computer back in better shape then when you first got it.  A hard drive reformat ensures that the virus is completely removed and your computer will be running at the blazing fast speed that you expect from your PC.
Flat rate: $99

PC Cleanup/Optimization: Over time, you get some things on your computer that you don't need or want and slow down your computer.  We will work to remove any unneeded applications, reduce start up time, update security features, and run basic virus/spyware scans to double check that your computer is not infected with any viruses.  By cleaning up the computer, we ensure that your computer is running quickly as well as making sure that you are protected against threats by updating security features in your computer.
Flat rate: $50

PC Setup: Have a new computer that you need set up?  If you have already bought your computer, we would be happy to come over and set it up.  If you have not bought your computer yet, we would be more than happy to help you select a computer that meets your specific needs at the best possible price.  Once you have the computer, we can set everything up - we can install the printer, connect it to your wireless network, copy files from your old computer, and anything else that you need done to ensure that you are comfortable with your new computer.
Flat rate: $50

Data Backup: Need your data backed up to a DVD or external hard drive?  We can come and back up all of your documents, pictures, music and any other files that you would like backed up so you have a secondary copy in case of disaster.  Computer viruses as well as many other things can cause catastrophic data loss, and it is always good to have a backup of everything on your computer.  If you have an external hard drive, we can even show you how to have an automatic backup set so you will always have a back up of your most recent files in case of an emergency.
Flat rate: $35

PC Hardware Cleaning: Over time, the inside of your computer becomes covered in dust and dirt that are very harmful to the internal components of a computer.  Dust restricts airflow in the computer, which in turn causes the components to overheat and reduces the life of your computer.  We can come and clean the inside of your computer to ensure that your computer lasts for years and doesn't crash due to dust clogging up the inside of your computer.
Flat rate: $25

Laptop Hardware Cleaning: Laptops are even more prone to being affected by dust inside the computer.  If you notice your laptop becoming extremely hot or it shuts down randomly, then there is probably dust inside the cooling system of your laptop.  This is very serious because if left clogged with dust, it is only a matter of time before your laptop fatally overheats and you need to buy a new one.  Cleaning a laptop involves removing all of the tiny screws in the bottom of the laptop and carefully disassembling it so the cooling system can be reached and cleaned properly.  It is recommended that you have your laptop cleaned as soon as you feel it starting to get hot, because if left untouched, your laptops days are numbered.
Flat rate: $50

Networking: Do you have more than one computer, but don't have internet or want a wireless internet connection for your laptop? Well good news. We offer both wired and wireless networking solutions.  We can set it up so that you have wireless internet throughout your home or business, and can even print wirelessly and share files from anyplace where you are connected to your network.  Please call or email
Flat rate: $50 for standard wireless network setup
*Note: Prices may change based on amount of worked need to be done (wires put outside or through walls)

Computer Lessons - Do you want to learn how to use a computer once and for all? We offer personal 1 on 1 lessons to teach you anything you need to know about computers. We teach everything from Word Processing to PowerPoint's to even video and sound editing for the more advanced computer user. Lessons starting at $40 per hour or even less is paid for in packages of 5. For more info, check out our Tutoring Page.

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Software Installation - Have new software that you don't know how to install? Call us and we would be happy to install it for you. We can also provide the software for you, usually at a price much less than retail stores.  Software installation times vary greatly, so $40 per hour will be charged to install any software.

Computer Upgrades
- Sometimes if your computer is running slow it is because it has become outdated.  Software has become more and more demanding on hardware, and it sometimes gets to a point where the components inside your current computer need to be upgraded.  Whether it is upgrading the memory to speed up your computer or upgrading the graphics card so you can play that new video game, we can help upgrade your computer.  We can order the parts from our supplier so you pay much less than you would if you went to a local computer store.  Just give us a call so we can come take a look at your computer to see what components could be upgraded to increase the speed of your computer.
Flat rate: $40

Custom Computer Building - See our computers page for all of our computers currently available. At your request, we can build a computer with different specifications. Please call for a consultation so we can put together your computer at your exact specifications.

Party Services - We offer a wide range of party services. Please see our Party Services page for a detailed list. 

Website Design - Need a website for your business? Please call for a consultation so we can work together to plan the perfect website. Click on any of the links below to see websites that we have designed over the last few months.

 For any of these services, please contact us by phone or email.

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