Brett's Computers was founded in August 2004. Since then, we have worked hard to assure customer satisfaction, quality work, and of course, unbeatable prices. Customer satisfaction is our goal, so we will give you everything we have to make sure that you are happy.

Why Brett's Computers?

For years, we have watched people carry their heavy computer to the computer store, leave it there for days and days, pay hundreds of dollars, and then after all of that, get the same problem again just days later. We have experienced it first hand, so we know how it feels. The other option a person has is to pay $150 per hour for an on-site technician to come and fix the computer. When the problem came back, the person had to repeat what they did and pay hundreds of more dollars. By the time the computer repair was finished, more money was spent on repairing the old computer than the person could have spent buying a new one. At Brett's Computers, we would like to change that. Here at Brett's Computers, we are slowly creating a new way for on-site services as well as new markets for buying computers. We don't want to only fix your problem, but we would like to make sure that the problem doesn't happen again. In a time when computers are no longer a luxury, but now a neccessity, why shouldn't the computer be working up to its fullest potential? Great quality doesn't necessarily mean more money and higher prices. At Brett's Computers our prices are 1/8 the amount of other local computer companies and as well as providing better service and reliability. We provide customer care that is not found in many of our competing companies and will work our hardest, day and night, to make sure that you are satisfied.

(516) 665-9313

AMD Athlon X2 4400+
250 GB SATA II Hard Drive
(2) DVD Burners
7600 GT Video Card
Windows Vista Ultimate
Special Limited Time Offer:
Only $599! 2009

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