At Brett's Computers, we offer top quality custom built computers atunbeatableprices. All of our PC's are custom built with only top quality, name brand parts, and are supported by our warranty along with the manufacturers warranty. Brett's Computers can often build a computer for 50 % or less than what Dell or other major companies sell their computers for.

All of our PCs use the latest technology and contain only the best parts to ensure that the fastest, most reliable computer is built. Before delivering the computer to you, every custom built PC goes through a rigorous 72 hour burn in period. This burn in period tests all of the components totheir fullest capacities, so if there are any problems, the component can be replaced before you experience the problem. All computers are supported by our one year warranty, however, each individual part comes with its own manufacturer warranty of up to five years. Should any component stop working, it will be replaced free of charge, so long as it is still covered by the warranty of Brett's Computers. For your conveniece, we will have sales representatives available at times through our live chat. If a service representative is not available through the live chat, either contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Here at Brett's Computers, we are asked a lot, "Why Brett's Computers over any other company?" The answer to that question is very simple: our customer attention,quality and performance beats just about anyone. From the second you place your order tothe day we arrive at your home to install the computer, we constantly updateour customers on thetheir computer's progress and make sure that the PC they ordered isexactly as theyordered it. As a local company, we are able to provide superior support to our customers.We will be able to fix the problem faster than any major company for one simple reason: customer satisfaction isour#1 goal becauselike any othersmall business, wewant every single customer to be happy. In addition, Brett's Computers alwaysoffers the highestquality and most innovative computer solutions. While many of our competitors' computers slow down over timeor become obsolete in onlya couple of months,our computerscontinue to run asfast as the day it wasdelivered to your home. This is due toour custom installedanti virus and anti spywaresoftware as well as tune up software that keeps your computer up to date and protected from viruses without to touching the mouse once. Lastly,and most importantly, why pay forsomething that does not run as fast as it should? At Brett's Computers, you get exactly whatyou paid for - high end components and high end performance.

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AMD Athlon X2 4400+
250 GB SATA II Hard Drive
(2) DVD Burners
7600 GT Video Card
Windows Vista Ultimate
Special Limited Time Offer:
Only $599! 2009

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